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249 877 8245 info@drduck.ca

249 877 8245 info@drduck.ca

249 877 8245 info@drduck.ca 249 877 8245 info@drduck.ca 249 877 8245 info@drduck.ca

Professional and Courtesy

Dr Duck bathtub refinishing work truck and rolling billboard

A Husband and Wife team!

From complete refinishing (reglazing) to repairs for materials 

acrylic, cast iron, fibreglass, porcelain, and metal 

 Such as bathtubs, claw tubs, sinks, full and partial shower enclosures,

 shower pans and ceramic tiles. 

We provide alternative saving solutions for our customers. 

Not all tubs require to be refinished. 

 With our professional customer service, quality supplies 

and up to date equipment. 

We will make your bathtub look new again!

a colour change of bathtub in a mobile home

Saving solution up to 80%


  • 3 step bonding system          Duration: 2-6 hrs
  • Anti-slip protection                Use: within 48hrs
  • up to 5-year warranty*              *Ask Dr Duck



  • Demolition Costs                 
  • Labour Costs ~ Contractors/Plumbers
  • Unexpected/Hidden Costs 

Duration: days to weeks

Use: without until completed

Solutions to save you Time, Money, and the Environment!

Bathtub refinishing that looks like new!

ASK Dr. Duck for his or her professional solution!

To accommodate your busy schedule 

we are available evenings and weekends

  • 25 years experience in the refinishing field
  • We are insured and bonded
  • Quality supplies, equipment and customer service
  • Will travel* 

   *ASK Dr Duck 

A rental unit bathtub that was in need of an industrial cleaning and an anti-slip protection

What are you requiring help with?

Are you a homeowner, property owner, management, real estate, contractor, plumber, or even if you DIY yourself we have seen it all! 

We believe not all tubs or shower enclosures need to be refinished! We believe in giving an honest, respectful quote with your needs in mind. 

Are you looking for a colour change, repair, anti~slip protection, updating, remodelling or an alternative saving solution? 

We can make it look like new for you!

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